Plagiarism Reflection Resource:

Importance of APA?

  • Avoid plagiarism (prove it!)
  • Consistently used in Nursing Program
  • More strict grading of your assignments for the Integrated Assignment (Memo, Annotated Bib, etc.)
    • You will have the option to due revisions (due by Spring Break)

What is a rubric; How would Prof. Crocker make one for the APA Annotation assignment?

  • Pull up assignment description
  • Right next to it, pull up best example, insert comments as I explain how it met, did not meet the requirements

Review Annotations from 1/21

TRIAD - Memo?

  • Discuss Case Study in small groups
  • A&P focused; social; ethical; nursing/medical profession

DYAD - Memo Assignment

Annotated Bibliography - Assignment Overview

Library Resources

DYAD - Groups!!

  • OneDrive exercise with Plagiarism definition
  • Assign group Case Study
  • Give time to set up contacts, talk about meeting times, how to handle shared documents
  • Remind them that formatting should come at the end, after all content is hammered out - doesn't work so well formatting in shared space (need to download to Word to make final changes)