Vanessa's Reminders:

  • Bring paper for Dyad students' reflections
  • Headbanz note cards

Mention: Next Seminar!

  • Yes, we have class
    • Kahoot! - 20 minutes
    • Released, but I'll remain available in class to talk about any and all concerns you may have

TRIAD - Peer Mentor: Prep for 1st Exams

DYAD - Reflection

  • Prep for 1st Exams
    • How much time are you spending?
    • What study aids are you creating?
    • How are you testing your knowledge?
    • How do you feel about the first exam(s)?
    • What else are you juggling alongside your first round of exams that is stressing you out?
  • Tips from CASA?


  • Let's test our collective knowledge verbally
  • Have Peer Mentor time, each group gets one minute to earn as many cards as possible

Time Allowing: Pull out your study materials and quiz each other