• Bring note cards, paper to Seminar

First! Show groups for Faculty Engagement - briefly, first group only, needs to meet with Dr. Owens before x date and Dr. Metcalf before x date with questions/content they think will be on Exam 1

Vocab prep - 5 minutes Headbanz - 10 minutes Bonus round - polyatomic ions + PPT

Language Test - Chem - 15 minutes

  • Over terms in Naming Exercise
  • Put terms on Bb so I don't need to make copies to pass out - Attach:Vocabulary.docx

Use Review for Exam 1 to help

Study Guide for Chem & Bio due!

  • Have students who brought their study guide raise hands, pair up with students who did not bring one
  • Review guidelines for Study Guide - Attach:StudyGuide_Expectations.docx; Attach:StudyGuide_Ideas.docx
  • 20 minutes - show examples of good work (have students share with each other)
    • Show me something that really works for you
    • Pick a question to "teach" to the class
  • Have a few students write a problem on the board and explain the answer