Review - Go over Syllabus in more detail!

Semester Goals:
1) BIOdiversity & CHEMmunication - Theme for Discovery Research & Professional Development

     A) Diversity in scientists and research; Discovering research labs and internship opportunities
     B) Primary literature & APA; Research proposal
     C) Presentations
     D) Team-building skills
     E) Real-world application of Biology & Chemistry
     F) Resume & Cover Letter
     G) First-Year Research Conference

2) Study Skills and Total Domination of Biology & Chemistry lectures!

3) Community Service

  • Science Olympiad - March 3
  • The Big Event - April 14

Exam Review & Faculty Engagement

  • Look on Blackboard

Common Ground

  • Get in the exam review groups
  • Identify 5 things that you have in common - family, culture, experiences, interests
  • In figuring out what you had in common, did you discover any differences?
  • In your experience, what categories or characteristics do people use to separate people into different groups?
    • Build a list, make sure to keep it for the future!!
  • Segway into reflection: Attach:Reflection_How do you define diversity.docx

Diversity Discussion

  • Open discussion by offering up my own reflection on how I fit into the diversity discussion.
    • The only barriers that I've encountered growing up were either self-created or not perceived, and though I have experienced difficulties in my life, I only view them as hurdles, that with enough hard work and persistence I was able to jump over.
    • My perspective is naive, and so I am looking forward to starting a dialogue with each of you about the impact of diversity in your lives. I want to learn in which ways it has impacted you,
  • I will be encouraging you to develop your understanding of what diversity means to you, and discover how diversity is linked to the scientific community
    • We are often encouraged to feel that science is just about hard evidence - "just the facts"
    • But research is designed by humans, whose background, culture, education, and so on, all individually affect the ways in which science is conducted
  • We will explore this semester what types of insight int we can gain by viewing the scientific community through the lens of diversity
  • My role in this discussion will not be to teach you about diversity, but for me to listen with open ears and an open mind to your perceptions, curiosities, and discoveries of the state of diversity in the sciences.