This assignment has two parts:

1. Read a Case Study assigned to you (see navigation instructions below - part A). Write an annotation (see link to samples below - part B) of the study in APA format, which includes a citation and summary of the study.

  • FYI, I am not expecting you to answer the questions in the Case Study

2. Look up another source of your choosing describing the purpose and use of case studies in general in the nursing field. Write an annotation (citation and summary) of that source in APA underneath the Case Study annotation.

You may complete the assignment by typing in the Text Submission area of the "APA Annotation" assignment on Blackboard, or you may type it in a Word doc (.doc or .docx) and upload by clicking on the "Browse Your Computer" button on the assignment submission page. To find the assignment on Blackboard, navigate to "Content" (left sidebar), "Assignments" folder, and "Online Seminar: Jan 18" folder.

A. Navigate to your Case Study

  • Click on "Groups" on the left sidebar
  • Click on the blue link for Your Seminar Class
  • Click on "File Exchange" under Group Tools
  • Click on the blue link with your name to download your Case Study

B. Resources for APA