At some point between the end of Spring Break and by 8:00pm on Tuesday, May 2nd, you must meet ONCE for Advising with any ONE of the following persons:

1. Dr. Rachel Kirk, Advisor for Pre-Nursing majors (rachel.kirk@tamucc.edu)

2. Ms. Johanna DuBose, CORE Program Coordinator for Nursing Department (johanna.dubose@tamucc.edu)

3. Mr. Samuel Ramos, Advisor for Nursing Department (samuel.ramos@tamucc.edu)

4. Your TAMU-CC Advisor (if different from those listed above)

5. Your Faculty Mentor from the Nursing Department

6. A Representative from Career Services (UC, 3rd Floor)

7. A Counselor from TAMU-CCs Counseling Center (Driftwood Building)

8. Or, of course, Professor Crocker!!

  • To accommodate the time needed for you to meet with your advisor of choice and/or for me to meet with you, Seminar is cancelled on April 4th & April 6th.
    • Please be aware that I am making special accommodations from now through April 7th to meet one-on-one. I highly encourage you to make an appointment during this 3-week period as my availability will be more limited the rest of the semester
  • If you would like to meet with me, please view my available time slots by clicking on the following link and email me with your top 3 preferences
  • Please come prepared to discuss your topic of choice. I have provided a list of talking points at the bottom of this page, but if you have something different you would like to discuss, please feel free to bring that up as well!


  • Proof of your Advising Conference is due at 8:00pm on May 2nd
  • Take a selfie with the person you met with, and make sure to have their name, job title, and TAMU-CC email address at hand
  • In the Blackboard course for Seminar, click on "Content" and scroll down to and click on the "Advising Conference" assignment to submit
    • Under "Assignment Submission," attach the photo file
    • Under "Add Comments," type the following information for the person you met with: Name, Job Title, and TAMU-CC email address
    • Click the "Submit" button when you are ready

List of Suggested Talking Points (if meeting with Prof. Crocker)


  • I would be happy to discuss any personal matters that you would either like advice on or simply to have a sympathetic ear


  • Why here, why now?
  • Broad goals for college, specific goals for courses
    • Are you meeting them? What more do you want to achieve this semester?
  • Recommendation letters for volunteer work, internships, jobs?
  • Evaluation of resume/cover letter
  • Plans to transfer/apply to a different university/Nursing Program?

Learning Community:

  • Tell me about your perception of your success in the learning community
    • High moments
    • Low moments
    • Bring your calculated mid-term grades for the learning community
  • Are you having any thoughts about dropping?


  • Team performance
    • What you have learned
    • What you hope to improve on
  • Tell me about your thoughts regarding Seminar (believe me, I want to know! I am always trying to make this a more meaningful experience for my students!)

Next semester:

  • Schedule for summer/fall semester
  • Registering for classes
    • Do you have any holds?