What is an Annotated Bibliography?
This document is like a Works Cited or Bibliography, except that instead of only including citations of your sources, it also includes a summary of the source, called an annotation. Each annotation should: 1) summarize the content, 2) assess or evaluate the quality of the source, and 3) reflect on the source's possible uses for the proposed team topic.

How Does the Annotated Bibliography Relate to the Integrated Assignment?
Each group has been assigned a Case Study to be the spring board for their Informative Speech in Seminar. Students will research the topics found in the Case Study and find additional, credible sources to help build their speech.

Assignment Description:

Blackboard Submission:

  • In the Seminar Blackboard course, click on "Content" (left sidebar), "Assignments" folder, and "Integrated Assignment" folder. Click on the "Annotated Bibliography - Dyad" assignment.
  • Only one Annotated Bibliography should be submitted per group
  • Use Microsoft Word to write your Annotated Bibliography, and submit to Blackboard (.doc or .docx file)

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