Description of the Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography should include two articles PER TEAMMATE about your topic. The articles must be directly relevant to your team's topic. As a collective document, the articles should cover all facets of the topic, including relevant history, background, utilized technologies, current status of the problem and proposed solutions, etc.

Key Logistics of the Annotated Bibliography: Due on October 23rd @ 11:59pm

  • Each annotation should:
    • summarize the content
    • assess or evaluate the quality of the source
    • reflect on the source’s possible uses for the proposed team topic
  • Citation format should follow the style should follow APA Style for Electronic Sources (Web Publications)
    • Please ensure that the hyperlinks provided do in fact lead to the article you are citing
  • Click here for an example of an annotated bibliography
  • The bibliography will be submitted as a single document to the Seminar_Team folder on OneDrive
  • The final product will be assessed by overall quality, organization and completion of all requirements for the assignment
  • One grade will be awarded to the team; individuals within a team will receive the same grade, unless otherwise determined by the team following the agreement set out in the team charter (see procedure for grade adjustment under "Feedback" on left sidebar).

EXTRA CREDIT: Go to the Writing Center for Help on your Bibliography! -

  • Make sure to submit proof - get a slip of paper from the Writing Center staff showing you worked with a consultant.