Here is what I did to find a peer-reviewed topic on what I was interested in:

1. I Googled "recent discoveries in rock formations geology" and came across a Science magazine article on rocks containing man-made plastics

2. I read the news article, and noted the lead scientists' name (Patricia Corcoran) and the key term used in the article (plastioglomerates) 3. I navigated to Google Scholar, and typed in "corcoran plastioglomerates"

Dissecting a Peer-Reviewed Article:

1. First of all, what is a peer-reviewed article?
2. Now, how the heck do I read one?

Research Update 2 due September 21 @ 11:59pm

Not finding peer-reviewed articles about your topic, or having trouble getting privelleges to pdf files on journal websites? Then revisit the database tutorial from the library. Your tuition pays for the rights to many, many, MANY peer-reviewed journals, and you should be able to find a wealth of articles covering your topic.

The TAMU-CC Library's explanation on how to distinguish peer-reviewed articles from other types.