The Portfolios (mid-term and final) are integrated between Composition & Seminar. Ms. Jarvis will be setting the expectations, guidelines, and rubric for the majority of the content required for both Portfolios with supplementation from Seminar. The components of the Mid-Term Portfolio that will be led in Seminar include the professional development pieces we are working on during the first part of the semester.

1. Choices 360

a. Complete Choices 360 and submit a copy of the results output (See Blackboard for access to assignment)

2. Cover Letter

a. Identify a volunteer/internship/job opportunity you find interesting
b. Write a one-page cover letter following the guidelines set forth by Purdue Owl
c. On the second page of your cover letter, include the web link or scanned image of the opportunity to which you are "applying"
Other: Writing Center guidelines: Cover Letter P. 1; Cover Letter P. 2

3. Resume

a. Write a one-page resume following the guidelines set forth by the Writing Center
Other: Writing Center guidelines: Resume P. 1; Resume P. 2

Extra Credit:

  • You will receive a 5% grade bonus for meeting with Writing Center or Career Services representatives to review any one of your documents
  • You must have documentation proving your visit - submit in person or via email as needed to Prof. Crocker by March 1 @ 8:00pm

Submission: - Wednesday, March 1st @ 8:00PM

These documents will be submitted as assignments through the Seminar Blackboard course and graded by Prof. Crocker. The grades will be incorporated into your overall Mi-Term Portfolio grade as determined by Ms. Jarvis in Composition.

The remainder of your Composition Mid-Term Portfolio is due March 3rd @ 11:59pm (via Composition Blackboard course)