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Conference Logistics FAQ

Where do we meet?FC 140 OR BH 128 OR UC 306 (check the schedule!)
How long will the conferences will last?10-15 minutes
What do I need to bring?1) A complete Teamwork Evaluation sheet (see front page of conference worksheet)
 2) Your proposed schedule for next semester (see back page of conference worksheet)
 3) Your calculated mid-term grades for CHEM/COMP/Seminar OR GEOL/Seminar
What will we talk about?Please reference the list of talking points (see below)
How do I reschedule?Email Vanessa Crocker at
Are conferences mandatory?YES, conferences are mandatory!

List of Talking Points


  • Why here, why now?
  • Broad goals for college, specific goals for courses
    • Are you meeting them? What more do you want to achieve this semester?

Learning Community:

  • Tell me about your perception of your success in the learning community
    • High moments
    • Low moments
    • Bring your calculated mid-term grades for the learning community
  • Are you having any thoughts about dropping?


  • Team performance
    • What you have learned
    • What you hope to improve on
  • Tell me about your thoughts on Symposium

Next semester:

  • Schedule for next semester
    • Your thoughts on which learning community you would like to be in next semester
  • Registering for classes
    • Do you have any holds?