Email Update: September __ - Still Need to Send


  • Last day to Drop/Add a course is Tuesday, September 12th.
  • Fellow student contact info is on Blackboard under the "Content" link on the left sidebar.


  • Lab begins week of 9/11
    • Remember to do you Lab Safety Seminar via Blackboard
  • Get started on reading ahead of the lecture
    • It will help if you're already familiar with the material before it is discussed in class
    • It will be easier to understand Dr. Val's accent for the same reason as listed first
    • You have a chance to identify what is confusing, and to clarify your questions during lecture, office hours, or SI
  • Get started on your homework
    • It takes longer than you think!
    • Wifi is not always reliable
    • Again, the more small chunks of learning you do across longer periods of time, the more information you will learn and retain = less cramming for exams!