Update - Still need to send email

I posted the procedure to follow for submitting grade adjustments for an individual team member - see left sidebar under "Feedback."

I posted the Feedback for the Team Charter and the Exam 2 Review Session - see left sidebar under "Feedback."

I created a page for the Advising Info that Ms. Bethany Pfeiffer provided to us during her visit on October 4th. Look on the left sidebar under Dyad G Community.

Update - October 04

The Exam 2 Review PPT slides are due on Wednesday, October 5th @ 11:59pm - the review session is taking place during Seminar on Thursday, October 6th. Please READ ALL of the requirements for the Review, meaning also click on the hyperlinks in the text. The requirements are posted under Assignments & Grades (see left sidebar).

On the whole, as we move forward through the semester, please keep in mind that the products you create as a group should be of higher quality than anything one individual could create on their own. I know you can achieve greatness in your group, but it will all depend on the effort of each individual and your collective integration of your strengths. Anything that you present or turn in to me should look like a seamless group effort.

Team Charter: Grades will be posted on Blackboard and Feedback will be posted on my wiki (see left sidebar) by Friday (Oct 7). If your group decides to revise and resubmit your team charter to incorporate all the requirements, is must be in the Seminar_Teams folder on OneDrive by Oct 9 @ 11:59pm. Requirements for the Team Charter are listed under Assignments & Grades (see left sidebar).

Research Update 2: Grades have been posted to Blackboard and Feedback (see left side bar) for the assignment has been posted on my wiki.

Remember, if you look at your Seminar grades on Blackboard and have a "0" for Research Updates 1, 2 or the Proposal, that means either you did not do the assignment, or you did not submit it to the correct location on OneDrive (meaning I can't see it!). Contact me if you're concerned.

Update - September 20

If this is your first time ever on my wiki page, read to the bottom of this page because there are probably many important things you missed, bookmark my wiki home page, explore the Dyad G sidebar (on the left). All information for the course is HERE, not on Blackboard, and you will continue to be lost if you do not acknowledge it's existence.

The assignment for Research Update 2 is due tomorrow night at 11:59pm!!

Now that we have spent two class periods working with OneDrive and where I spent one-on-one time answering questions and showing you exactly how to do the assignments, it is time for you to take ownership of your learning in Seminar! :) It is your responsibility to:

  1. Check your email regularly.
  2. Check my website for all course information (believe me, it is all there!).
  3. Submit your assignments in a timely fashion (see syllabus for my late work policy).
  4. Upload on OneDrive to the appropriate location (your personal Seminar folder, do not to simply "share" with me).
  5. Follow the criteria set forth in the instructions. Your grade will be determined by your adherence to these guidelines.
  6. Communicate with me any and all concerns.
  7. If you miss class, it is your responsibility to contact me and keep up with the work assigned during that class period.

If you would like to look ahead to the next assignment, the Proposal, check out the "Assignments & Grades" link on the left sidebar under Dyad G. For feedback on previous assignments, click on the "Feedback" link on the left sidebar under Dyad G.

Update - September 17

  • Make sure to check out your OneDrive NOW, not at 7:30pm on Sunday evening, when Research Update 1 is due at 8pm on Sep. 18th. I will not be able to help you troubleshoot your issue on such short notice, so make sure to figure it out now if you didn't get to do that in class yesterday.
  • You're already doing research, so if you'd like to get ahead on the next research update, click on the following link for the requirements and due dates: Research Update 2
  • No Geology lecture on Tuesday, September 20th, but YES, Seminar is still meeting. Since you have a free block of time, make sure to check out the STEAM Career Fair held in the UC Anchor Ballroom from 10am - 2pm that day instead. You just might get the inside scoop on an awesome summer internship!
  • Bring your laptop to class! Every class for the rest of the semester!
  • I created a new link on the sidebar (see left) for major Assignments & Grades for Seminar. The information for the Mid-Term Portfolio is now located there, along with all the other assignments for the Seminar that we discussed recently. I also created a link for Feedback that will have general responses to your work throughout the semester.
  • If you are writing your reflections on your laptop, please make sure you are uploading your reflections to your OneDrive Seminar folder. Reflections are counted as part of your Participation grade.

Update - September 14

  • Beginning September 15th, please bring your laptop to Seminar for the remainder of the semester. You will be using it almost every day!
  • NOW is the time to deal with OneDrive! Make sure you have downloaded Office 365 (free from TAMU-CC) and if you're still having trouble, contact IT Help. They are amazing and very swift to respond to issues.
    • You should be using your Islander account user ID and password to access the folders I have shared with you.
  • Make sure you check your "Clutter" on Outlook. Emails generated through Blackboard (like the ones I send!) can be directed to you Clutter folder instead of your Inbox.
  • If you didn't get a chance to submit feedback for Dr. Ed Kownslar for his library resources demonstration, take a few minutes to complete a survey.
  • I will not be attending Geology lecture on September 15th because I will be proctoring a Chemistry exam at that time. We will still be having Seminar at 11am and 2pm on that day.

Update - September 05:

  • On September 6, we are meeting at the LIBRARY!! Room 109 - I'll wait in the atrium (entrance) of the library until a couple of minutes before the start of class.
  • Click here to see the expectations for your group Exam Review presentation happening on September 8th. I will be discussing at the end of class on September 6th.

Update - September 01:

  • On September 6, we are meeting at the LIBRARY!! Room 109 - I'll wait in the atrium (entrance) of the library until a couple of minutes before the start of class.
  • Click here to join our Dyad G Facebook group!
  • If you're confused about how to put a headshot on your Blackboard profile click here.
  • As you probably already noticed, I created individual folders for Seminar on One Drive for you to make submissions in the future. I will scan your Reflections and save to this folder for those of you who turned in a hard copy, and for those who emailed me I will move your files to your folder as well.
  • And guess what?!?! You are on my web page. Click on the hyperlink:


and Bookmark it as a favorite in the web browser you use. I have also put a link to my site on our Seminar Blackboard page. Remember, there is only one course for the 2 sections of Dyad G Seminar (330-331) called:
91742.201609: [FALL-16] UCCP-1101-330 - FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR I.