Update - October 17th

On Wednesday, October 19th, Seminar class is meeting at the Writing Center (inside CASA!). DO NOT come to Bay Hall!! We are attending a workshop on how to make a Poster Presentation (for Symposium!).

Unhappy with your Chemistry Exam 2 grade?

  • Go see Dr. Owens - his office is in CS 130A, and his Office Hours are MW 1:00-4:00pm & TR 11:00am-12:00pm. No appointment needed (although you can make one if you need to meet at a different time).

Unhappy with your Research Log grade? Worried about your team's ability to do better on the Annotated Bibliography?

  • Research Log
    • Look at your Grades on Blackboard
    • Look at the Feedback for Research Log - Triad T (see "Feedback" on left sidebar) and the comments I provided on your document (on OneDrive)
    • Look at the guidelines for the Research Log - Symposium - Triad T (see "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar)
    • Resubmit your Research Log by 11:59pm on October 17th, but PLEASE EMAIL ME if/when you resubmit so that I will know to regrade
  • Annotated Bibliography
    • The requirements have changed!! Look at the guidelines for the Annotated Bibliography - Triad T (found under "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar). I want QUALITY work.
    • Due by 11:59pm on October 23rd (don't forget about the EXTRA CREDIT option)

Changes to the Major Assignments And Grades - Triad T (found under "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar)

  • Exam 3 Review session is CANCELLED
  • In it's place, we will be conducting an In-Class Peer Poster Evaluation on November 7th (more details to come later)
  • Look at the revised Excel spreadsheet for Seminar Grade Breakdown & Key Due Dates (found under "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar)

Conferences (found under "Assignments & Grades" on left sidebar)

  • Sign up ASAP! (you may email me to schedule if you didn't sign up in class today)
  • They are mandatory and graded for attendance/participation
  • Look at the requirements for the Conferences - You must come prepared!!
  • As a result, Seminar is CANCELLED on October 31st and November 9th - Composition is still being held those days, unless you hear otherwise from Mr. Martinez or Ms. Cannon!

Advising, Spring 2017 Registration, Dropping classes, and more!

  • Look at my Advising Info Page (see left sidebar), it has a bunch of goodies for your reference, including:
    • Excel Spreadsheet on how to calculate your grade in Seminar/Chem
    • Answers to confusing questions about GPA calculations, who your advisor is, what it means to drop a class, etc.
    • Links to SAIL, the course schedule for Spring 2017, the final exam schedule, available learning communities for next spring, and lots more

Grade Adjustment for Individual Team Members

Update - October 7

Two group assignments for Seminar are due in the next week! Make sure you are meeting all of the requirements and use your team roles to your advantage. DEFINITELY make sure that the final product is organized, formatted consistently, and proofread. Remember, 5 minds should create a product that is BETTER than what any single individual could have achieved alone.

  • Research Log - Symposium due 10/9 @ 11:59pm (see sidebar - "Assignments & Grades for more info)
  • Exam 2 Review slides due 10/11 @11:59pm (see sidebar - "Assignments & Grades for more info)

Your Chemistry Exam 2 is coming up on Thursday October 12th. Do make sure that you are visiting with Dr. Owens, attending SI sessions, getting help from CASA, completing all of your homework, etc, in order to prepare. Last minute cramming is not effective. Get a good night's sleep instead!

Update - September 26

  • Conference attendance is mandatory! The expectations and sign-up times are posted (see sidebar - "Assignments & Grades for more info).
  • 09 Oct @ 11:59pm: Research Log - Symposium Due (see sidebar - "Assignments & Grades for more info)
  • I posted the requirements for the Exam 2 Review Session - Due Oct 11 @ 11:59pm (see sidebar - "Assignments & Grades for more info)
  • I will be grading the Team Charter ASAP. We will sign the charter's in class on Monday, October 3rd.

Update - September 22

  • 25 Sep @ 11:59pm: Team Charter Due (see sidebar - "Assignments & Grades" for more info)
  • If you miss class, it's on you to:
    • Check my wiki page to see what you missed
    • Contact me for clarification
    • Touch base with your team to see what team work/decisions you missed
  • I graded the Exam 1 Review session, and will be posting the grades in the next couple of days. Click here to see the overall feedback I've provided for the review. If you did not complete this assignment, you should DEFINITELY check out the link if you want redemption!
  • Please note that the sidebar on my wiki page has been updated to provide more convenient access to essential information for Seminar. If you come across a link that has a question mark or is password protected, that means I have not yet finished completing my thoughts for that particular item. We will also be discussing some of these details in class on Monday so that we're all on the same page.
  • If you are writing your reflections on your laptop, please make sure you are uploading your reflections to your OneDrive Seminar folder. Reflections are counted as part of your Participation grade.

Update - September 12

  • Click here to view the guidelines and expectations for the Exam Review 1.

Update - September 03

  • No class on Labor Day, September 5th.
  • If you are planning on attending the Career Fair at TAMU-College Station, click here.

Update - August 30th:

  • If you need the temporary code for ALEKS click here.
  • Check out Blackboard if you are having trouble with the Assignment - Read ALEKS 101. Dr. Owens updated the directions for the Assignment to provide additional info for students who are confused.
    • Navigate to the course page on Blackboard for Chemistry.
    • Click on the ALEKS link in the side bar on the left.
    • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on "Assignment - Read ALEKS 101."
    • Follow the written directions from there.

Update - August 29th:

  • If you're confused about which book package to buy at the TAMU-CC bookstore click here . Dr. Owens is aware of the book problem, and he will communicate directly with you about the matter during lecture on Tuesday, August 30th.
  • I created individual folders for Seminar on One Drive for you to make submissions in the future. I will share them with you ASAP. I will scan your Free Writing/Reflection from today and save to this folder for those of you who turned in a hard copy, and for those who emailed me I will move your files to your folder as well.
  • If you're confused about how to put a headshot on your Blackboard profile click here.
  • Click here to join our Triad T Facebook group!
  • And guess what?!?! You are on my web page. Click on the hyperlink:


and Bookmark it as a favorite in the web browser you use. I have also put a link to my site on our Seminar Blackboard page. Remember, there is only one course for all 4 sections of Triad T Seminar (740-743) called:
91572.201609 [FALL-16] UCCP-1101-740 - FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR I.