Prepare for the Exam 1 Review Session - To be held during Seminar on September 8th

Your first Geology Exam is Tuesday, September 13th!! During Seminar on Thursday, September 8th, we will be doing a Geology Review.

  • I will assign a section of the lecture material to each group. It is the group's job to pull out the most difficult concepts to cover in your review session.
  • Every member of the group is expected to deliver information to the class.

Here are your Groups: 11am; 2pm

  • EACH member of the group will create ONE slide, either concepts or questions:
    • Concept Slides: Each slide should contain one of the more difficult concepts covered in the lecture/textbook
    • Question Slides: Should include at least 2 questions that address the more difficult concepts presented by your group
  • Each member of the group will present their own slide
    • Plan on spending 1-2 minutes per slide (no more or we will run out of time!)
  • Create ONE PowerPoint presentation for each group combining all slides (concepts first, questions last)
    • Upload your PowerPoint to OneDrive under Exam 1 Review - make sure the file name for your PowerPoint includes your Group Name. It must be posted by 8:00pm on September 7th!

What To Do Before You Leave the Libray:

  1. Get together with your Exam 1 Review Group
  2. Pick a leader to organize the final PowerPoint and post on OneDrive
  3. Decide who will present content slides and who will present question slides
  4. Share your email addresses (or other contact info) to communicate changes to your plan, share your slides, and to manage the logistics of the requirements for the review

FYI: You will be critiquing your peers. Here is a sample of the rubric you will use to access the quality of your own work, your group members, and the other groups in your Seminar.