Prepare for the Exam 1 Review Session - To be held during Seminar on September 14th

Your first Chemistry Exam is Thursday, September 15th!! During Seminar on Wednesday, September 14th, we will be doing a Chemistry Review.

  • I will assign a section of the lecture material to each group. It is the group's job to pull out the most difficult concepts to cover in your review session.
  • Every member of the group is expected to deliver information to the class.

Here are your Groups: 9:00am/741, 10:00am/740, 12:00pm/743, 1:00pm/742

  • EACH member of the group will create ONE slide, either concepts or questions:
    • Concept Slides: Each slide should contain one of the more difficult concepts covered in the lecture/textbook
    • Question Slides: Should include at least 2 questions that address the more difficult concepts from the section of material assigned to each group
      • Present the questions to the class and allow your peers a chance to answer the question
      • Then be prepared to walk the class through the answers to your questions
  • Each member of the group will present their own slide
    • Plan on spending 1-2 minutes per slide (no more or we will run out of time!)
  • Create ONE PowerPoint presentation for each group combining all slides (concepts first, questions last)
    • Upload your PowerPoint to OneDrive under Exam 1 Review - make sure the file name for your PowerPoint includes your Group Name. It must be posted by 11:59pm on September 13th!

What To Do Before You Leave Class Today:

  • Get together with your Exam 1 Review Group
  • Decide who will present content slides and who will present question slides
  • Share your email addresses (or other contact info) to communicate changes to your plan, share your slides, and to manage the logistics of the requirements for the review
  • Begin working if time allows

FYI: You will be critiquing your peers. Here is a sample of the rubric you will use to access the quality of your own work, your group members, and the other groups in your Seminar.