We're going to do things a little differently this time!

You and your team mates were just recently hired on at a big government agency, your first professional position after graduating from college. Due to a recent policy change from Congress, the agency now has to perform oversight for geological engineering projects. The agency Commissioner, who is committed to overseeing these new projects and ensuring the highest standards of practice, has hired a phenomenal geological engineer. However, the Commissioner lacks expertise in geology and is unable to understand some of the fundamentals of the project, and the geological engineer, being the genius that she is, does not quite have the ability to translate her work into layman's terms so that non-geologists may better understand. As a result, your immediate supervisor has tasked you and your compatriots with the duty of communicating the underlying geological concepts directly to the Commissioner in a clear and understandable manner. After all, you do have the most recent, up to date information on geology out of anyone at the agency, being the most recently graduated from college and hired specifically to bring the agency up to snuff!

Key Logistics:

  • The review session will be held during Seminar on October 6th
  • The team's PPT presentation is due on 05 Oct @ 11:59pm; it must be uploaded to the Seminar_ExamReviews_Exam2Review folder on OneDrive
  • Click here to see your teams and the assigned learning objectives from Blackboard to cover during your review
  • The overall presentation should be 5-7 minutes in length
  • Your presentation should incorporate content as well as engage audience participation in the material
    • We learned last time that saving all questions until the end of the review did not work well. Please incorporate them more fully into the material as you are presenting, more like a Q&A style.
  • Individuals within a team will receive the same grade, unless otherwise determined by the team following the agreement set out in the team charter.
  • Peer team evaluations will constitute 10% of the Exam Review grade for your team
    • Teams will review each other's presentations. Imagine you are the presenting team's Supervising Manager. How does the quality of the presentation meet your expectations for the assignment? Does the team performance reflect well upon you as their Supervisor? Did the team conduct themselves in a professional manner and present the concepts clearly and completely to the Commissioner?
    • Vanessa Crocker will perform the role of Commissioner :)

For additional guidance when building your PowerPoint, please click here