For each A&P exam, a group of students will lead the class in a review of the material. Each group will be responsible for one review and this assignment will count for 5% of your final grade in Seminar. Much like you did last semester, we will primarily rely on Kahoot! to facilitate the review. It is your responsibility to write good questions, create the Kahoot! review, and lead the review during Seminar.


The Kahoot! review must be completed and submitted by the Review Due Date/Time (click on appropriate link below) by emailing the following to Professor Crocker (

  • The link/game pin for the review
  • Designated "Group Leader" will coordinate communication between peers and professor, and is ultimately responsible for complete and timely submission (and will be rewarded for doing so!)

Kahoot! Details:

  • Please make sure to mix up the answer choices on your Kahoot! quiz so that students will not be selecting the same option for every answer during the quiz.
  • Set time allotted for answering questions to be 10-20 seconds, no shorter and no longer.

Groups - 10AM (Sec 042)
Groups - 12PM (Sec 052)
Groups - 1PM (Sec 041)
Groups - 2PM (Sec 051)