I was so pleased with all of your efforts to meet the requirements of the review!! I acknowledge the fact that I gave you little forewarning of the assignment, and an extremely limited amount of time to prepare together in class. Despite those obstacles, you were all still willing to complete the assignment and present in front of your peers, and that speaks to your character as a student. I was also very pleased to find that most of you found the review helpful as you began thinking about studying for the exam. Moving forward in the semester, I would ask that you all attempt to see the Review Sessions as more than a way to cover lecture material to prepare for the exam.

Many a Splendid Thing:

  • Presenting is an external opportunity to process the lecture material by verbalizing your understanding.
  • Presenting in the review sessions gives your more practice and experience to perform well at the Symposium, and in other presentations during your college career.
  • Presenting, in and of itself, is a broadly applicable professional skill.
  • It is a chance for the more versed students to convey their command of the material and in turn, learn the material better themselves by explaining and teaching other students. In turn, it is a chance for the less versed students to immerse themselves in the most significant material in a different context and highlight the areas they need to focus on for the exam.

Grading Rubric: (FYI - the bar will be raised moving forward through the semester)

  1. Created a slide
  2. Covered appropriate material
  3. Submitted slides on time
  4. Presented in class