The Purpose of Research Update 1

  1. To encourage exploration of topics that interest you in the geology/environmental science fields
  2. To discover the process by which you research articles and find pdf versions of the articles, a skill you will need to succeed in the Symposium group project

Grading Rubric for Research Update 1

(Listed by Criteria and Point Value)

  • The articles were submitted on time by Sep 18th @ 8pm (1.5 pts)
  • The articles spanned two topics of interest (1 pt)
  • There are 3 articles per topic (1 pt)
  • The pdf versions of or links to the articles were provided (1 pt)
  • Overall participation in assignment (5.5 pts)
  • As an exception to my Late Work Policy, I allowed students to turn in this assignment past the due date/time to accommodate misunderstandings using OneDrive. That will not be the case moving forward through the semester.