I appreciate your efforts to work as a team and write a charter to begin the communication process and set the expectations for your team moving forward throughout the semester. However, most of the team charters submitted read like rough drafts and were missing several pieces of required information. As you've probably heard me say more than once, I expect that the product created by a group of 4 or 5 minds would be better than anything one individual could attain on their own. It is not only important in my class, but in all your classes to raise the bar for yourself. If you're aiming for meeting the bare minimum standards, your success in college and beyond will be limited.

There were a couple of groups who did a stellar job on the charter, and to those groups, AWESOME JOB! Keep up the good efforts and attention to detail.

Here is the rubric I used to grade the team charters. You should be able to see that the rubric is entirely based off all the guidelines I set forth (no surprises!)