Overview of the Final Presentation (Review Session):
Finals Week is approaching quickly, and for your Integrated Assignment for Biology, Chemistry, & Seminar, the class will be working in groups to develop a comprehensive review of the lecture material covered this semester. Each group will be responsible for creating a 20-25 minute review session over material included in one exam from either course. All materials should be presented in an original way, and proper citations (APA format) should be included for borrowed material.

The Integrated Assignment counts for a total of 13% of your overall Seminar grade, and 5% of your overall Chemistry grade, and 10% of your overall Biology grade.

Expectations for the Final Presentation:

The 20-25-minute Presentation will include both of the following:

  • A 10-minute PPT presentation covering the most misunderstood concepts
  • A 10-15-minute activity designed to test student knowledge and/or better display the concepts presented
    • Your team should develop the activity to enable your peers to identify what they still don't know or understand from the material you presented
    • You must come up with something different than what Prof. Crocker has done in Seminar to date! No Jeopardy, Bingo, or Kahoot!

Team Managers (TM), designated by Prof. Crocker, will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Keep a Weekly Log of teammate individual (including self) attendance to group meetings (in & out of class) and contributions to work products
  • Email Prof. Crocker a weekly update (Due Wednesdays at 8:00pm, Mar 29, Apr 5, Apr 12, Apr 19) including the Weekly Log and a Summary of Progress
  • Seek guidance from Prof. Crocker as needed (this goes for any teammate)
  • Team Managers will be ultimately, though not exclusively, responsible for timely submission and product quality
  • Team Managers who fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities will be compensated on a case-by-case basis as determined by Prof. Crocker

Timeline of Expectations/Due Dates:

March 27 (Mon)By End of SeminarSend email to lecture professor (Owens or Metcalf) requesting appointment

In your email, CC Prof. Crocker and all teammates
No Blackboard submission required
March 29 (Wed)By End of SeminarDetailed Agenda of roles, responsibilities, team deadlines, communication expectations, etc DUEVia email to Prof. Crocker
April 5 (Wed)8:00pmYour team must have met with Dr. Owens or Dr. Metcalf (I will check with Dr. Owens & Dr. Metcalf)No Blackboard submission required
April 10 (Mon)8:00amCompleted draft of Review PPT (10-minute presentation) DUEVia Blackboard under Content
April 17 (Mon)8:00amCompleted draft of Review Activity (10-15-minute activity) and all supporting documents DUE

Must include a completed "Activity Plan & Needed Materials" (Click here for template)
Via Blackboard under Content
April 24 (Mon)8:00amEXAM 1 Teams Only! Final Review Presentation PPT & Review Activity documents DUEVia Blackboard under Content
April 26 (Wed)8:00amEXAM 2 Teams Only! Final Review Presentation PPT & Review Activity Documents DUEVia Blackboard under Content
May 01 (Mon)8:00amEXAM 3 Teams Only! Final Review Presentation PPT & Review Activity Documents DUEVia Blackboard under Content

Teams, Exam Material, & Final Presentation Dates:

Bio Exam 1Shelby (TM), Alandria, Naila, WyattApril 24 (Mon)
Chem Exam 1Ariel (TM), Adrian, Jasmine, KenleyApril 24 (Mon)
Bio Exam 2Emily G. (TM), Evelyn, EmyleeApril 26 (Wed)
Chem Exam 2Lauren (TM), Austin, Kristian, BryannaApril 26 (Wed)
Bio Exam 3Emily H. (TM), Juan, Amanda, IsabelMay 1 (Mon)
Chem Exam 3Aubrey (TM), Lillie, RyleeMay 1 (Mon)