Overview of the Final Presentation (Integrated Assignment):
In Composition, your are continuing to work together as a team to write a research paper on the topic you chose earlier in the semester. Seminar will be leading the translation of this research into a Scientific Research Presentation. Your team will present during the last full week of classes, and the audience will include not only Prof. Crocker and your peers in Seminar, but also Ms. Jarvis and your fellow Learning Community peers in her 12PM Composition class, Professor Rachel Johnson (their Seminar instructor), Dr. Owens, and Dr. Metcalf.

The Final Presentation (and the supporting work leading up to it), will count for a total of 13% of your overall Seminar grade, 10% of your overall Composition grade, 5% of your overall Chemistry grade, and 10% of your overall Biology grade.

Expectations for the Final Presentation:

  • Your group must present a 10 minute presentation about the topic your team is writing about in Composition.
  • The presentation must be an Informative relying on scientific evidence from peer-reviewed literature. The presentation should be interesting and enjoyable but without opinion and persuasion.
  • Do include facts and figures from your peer-reviewed articles. Make sure you use APA CITATION for any articles that you use in the presentation.
  • Everyone from your team is required to present.
  • The presentation should have a strong Introduction and Conclusion
  • PPT Requirements:
    • Title Slide
    • References Slide
    • Presentation should highlight a minimum of 1 peer-reviewed scientific article per person
      • Data or information from these articles should be cited with APA in-text citation
  • PPT Formatting defaults using Microsoft Office templates are acceptable, except in cases where Prof. Crocker recommends against particulars

Team Managers (TM), designated by Prof. Crocker, will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Keep a Weekly Log of teammate individual (including self) attendance to group meetings (in & out of class) and contributions to work products
  • Email Prof. Crocker a weekly update (Due Wednesdays at 8:00pm, Mar 29, Apr 5, Apr 12, Apr 19) including the Weekly Log and a Summary of Progress
  • Seek guidance from Prof. Crocker as needed (this goes for any teammate)
  • Team Managers will be ultimately, though not exclusively, responsible for timely submission and product quality
  • Team Managers who fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities will be compensated on a case-by-case basis as determined by Prof. Crocker

Timeline of Expectations/Due Dates:

March 27 (Mon)By End of SeminarDetailed Agenda of roles, responsibilities, team deadlines, communication expectations, etc DUEEmail Prof. Crocker
April 10 (Mon)8:00amCompleted draft of Presentation PPT (7 slides minimum) DUEVia Blackboard under Content
April 17 (Mon)8:00amCompleted draft of Presentation PPT (All slides) DUEVia Blackboard under Content
April 24 (Mon)8:00amALL TEAMS! Final Presentation PPT DUEVia Blackboard under Content

Teams, Exam Material, & Final Presentation Dates: Attendance is MANDATORY for all students. You must be present on April 24th & 26th, from 12:00-1:50pm.

NarcolepsySyd (TM), AJ, Stevie, Max, JasApril 24 (Mon)UC Lonestar 142A
Split-BrainTim (TM), Gabby, April, Devin, KevinApril 24 (Mon)UC Lonestar 142A
ChimeraShelbi (TM), Michael, Anyi, Monique, Naseeha, CydneyApril 26 (Wed)UC Bayview 320
Down-SyndromeSierra (TM), Jazmine, Nick, Nye, MarissaApril 26 (Wed)UC Bayview 320