DUE DATE: Wednesday, December 6th @ 11:59pm

  • You may turn it in at any time convenient for you prior to the due date


  • To assess your connection to our communities at TAMU-CC
  • To explore how you have been challenged and changed during your first semester as a bona fide college student.

Requirements for the Self-Reflection:

A. Learning Community Points

  • Your Journal for the Learning Community Points must be up to date with an accounting of ALL 10 Points (cumulative)
Other Details:
  • Link to the assignment overview for the Learning Community Points: LC Points - G-F17
  • All points must be documented correctly according to the technical guidelines provided on Blackboard for the Journal
    • The technical guidelines are in the Journal Instructions on Blackboard

B. Habits of Mind Reflections:

  • In a similar fashion to the documentation/reflection process for the Learning Community Points, I am asking you to account for the changes you have experienced during your first semester of college. You will use the Habits of Mind as a scaffold to build your reflection on the challenges you have encountered, the action you have taken to overcome, and the resulting successes and/or failures in your learning.
Where Do I Start?
  • Start with your Habits of Mind Reflections your completed for the Mid-Term Self-Reflection.
    • If you were unhappy with your scores for the Mid-Term, make revisions and resubmit your original journal entries.
  • Then, write 1 more Habit of Mind Reflection (for a total of 4 overall for the semester) in your journal on Blackboard.
  • Make sure to meet the following expectations:
    • The new Habit of Mind should be different from the first three you wrote about - Link to Habits of Mind: Click here
    • Collect at least 3 pieces of evidence for your new Habit of Mind to help "prove" your learning
      • You may not use any of the same evidence from your Learning Community Points Journal
    • Write a 300-word reflection for the new Habit of Mind
Where Does This All Go?
  • On Blackboard! There is a new Journal called "Habits of Mind Reflections"
    • This Journal will be private! Only Professor Crocker will be able to view your entries
  • Entries should be separate for each Habit of Mind, so at the end of this Final Habits of Mind Reflection, you will have a total of 4 entries in this journal for the semester, and ALL entries should include the following:
    • Title = Habit of Mind discussed
    • Reflection = 300 word minimum, use the textbox provided by Blackboard (do not attach Word document)
    • Evidence = 3 pieces minimum, embed your photos/videos in the Blackboard textbox

Key Logistics:

  • The Final Self-Reflection is worth 200 points (20%) of your Seminar grade.
    • Learning Community Points are worth 100 points
    • Habits of Mind Reflections are worth 100 points
  • Your Self-Reflection is an individual assignment. Your work will be held to the standards of academic integrity and the Honor Code.
  • Due Date/Time: Friday December 6th @ 11:59pm
  • Submission: via Blackboard Journals

Need Help Getting Started with Writing Your Habits of Mind Reflections? Check this out:

What is My Story?
  • Think about everything you've done in the first part of this semester (inside and outside of Dyad G) and identify what you think were the most valuable learning experiences that partner with the 3 Habits of Mind you chose.
  • Don't be afraid to get personal. College is about more than just academics, as I am sure you are all well aware, and it is perfectly acceptable to discuss your personal experiences alongside your academic ones.
  • Then find pieces of evidence to represent each experience. This evidence should ALREADY EXIST and should be from the first half of this semester. Once you have your evidence of these experiences collected, then you can begin writing your reflections.
How Do I Tell My Story?
  • Describe each experience, and explain what your evidence is and and why/how you think it represents your transition into a college student. Make sure to include all of the following components in your discussion of the evidence:
    • What exactly is the evidence?
    • How is the piece of evidence proof of your learning? (In other words, what's the "story" behind the evidence?)
    • Why does it relate to the Habit of Mind you chose?
  • Which Habit(s) of Mind/learning outcome has this experience helped you develop/practice and why?