Specific Purpose:
We are meeting to clarify the direction of your team's Article Presentation, occurring during Seminar on February 27th. For COMP-linked students, we will also be discussing Ms. Jarvis' expectations for the Mid-Term Portfolio.

Broad Purpose:
I am looking forward to meeting with each team individually to discuss the beginning of your research discovery phase, which will lead us into the Integrated Assignment for our Learning Community. Each team will propose your topic of research, briefly summarize the article you plan to present to the class, and detail how your team will accomplish the necessary work outside of class and to present successfully during Seminar. This is also an opportunity for you to share any concerns or reservations you may have about your team, and discuss strategies for accomplishing your team goals. Time permitting, I would also like to clarify questions regarding the Proposal (the Integrated Assignment) and First-Year Research Conference (FYRC).

Additionally, Ms. Jarvis will be present during COMP-linked student team conferences to relay her expectations for the Mid-Term Portfolio.


  • Bring a hard copy of your agenda (done in class on Feb 20) for the Article Presentation
  • Your team must already have decided upon a topic, conducted initial research, and be familiar with the expectations for the Article Presentation
  • Bring a hard copy (for Prof. Crocker to keep) of the article you plan to present to the class (Feb 27th)
  • FYI, Group Conference participation is worth 2.5% of your total grade in Seminar

Conference Schedule:

Feb 22 - Wednesday

8:30-8:55amFC 140Isabel Lara, Amanda Neal, Lillie Kucherka, Aubrey Titus, Rylee Espinoza
11:00-11:25amOCNR 255Kristian Gomez, Austin Blevins, Bryanna Lasater, Lauren Lopez, Alandria Cantu, Shelby Perlich
11:30-11:55amOCNR 255Wyatt George, Naila Flores, Jasmine Roberts, Ariel De Los Santos, Kenley Havard, Adrian Barrera
12:00-12:25pmCCH 209Max Keene, AJ Nunez, Jaslynn Mathis, Stevie Rokowski-Leal, Sydney Finch
12:30-12:55pmCCH 209Gabby Gonzalez, Devin Chapman, April Torno, Tim Laughbaum, Kevin Arellano

Feb 24 - Friday

11:00-11:25amFC 140Emily Gonzales, Evelyn Martinez, Emylee Priem, Emily Harth, Juan Martinez
12:00-12:25pmCCH 209Marissa Alonso, Nyesmie Limon, Sierra Richardson, Jazmine Saiz, Nick Maki
12:30-12:55pmCCH 209Naseeha Karachi, Michael Harris, Shelbi White, Anyi Chibuogwu, Monique Gonzalez, Cydney Rudolph