There's no reason to beat around the bush, here.

want to SUCCEED in Biology & Chemistry this semester!

And so, I am rewarding you for your efforts by counting homework as 20% of the grade in Seminar

  • I have set certain benchmarks for certain homework assignments to help ensure that you are working on your homework in a timely fashion. See the "Assignments & Grades" link on the sidebar for complete information

Homework Login Check

Assignment - Due 8:00am on January 30th, Monday

1) Login to every homework site for Biology & Chemistry

  • Biology: Mastering Biology
  • Chemistry: ALEKS, Connect/LearnSmart

2) Take a screenshot of each homepage (make sure you are fully logged in - I will be able to tell)

3) Paste all of the screenshots into a single Word document (1 shot per page, please make the images large on each page)

4) Submit the Word document to Blackboard (look under "Content" for the Assignment)