Assignment Description:
Your group will prepare and deliver a 6 to 8 minute Informative Speech on a topic related to the assigned Case Study. The presentation should include a Google Slide presentation, and will be delivered formally during your Seminar class on either February 20th or 22nd. Here is the schedule of presentations: Click here

Assignment Requirements:

  • Develop an 6 to 8 minute oral presentation with Google Slides to inform your peers about a topic related to your group's assigned Case Study
  • Informative Speech
    • The presentation will be based on the evidence acquired in the Annotated Bibliography (related to your Case Study), without relaying opinion of persuasion.
    • The speech should have a strong introduction and conclusion
    • Every team member is expected to present information verbally
  • PowerPoint - APA Format
    • Relevant figures should be included along with captions
    • All slides must utilize in-text citations for text and figures
    • Begin with a Title slide and end with a References slide

Submission Details:

  • Create a Google Slide ASAP and share it with along with all the members of your group. I will keep up with you work and make edits/suggestions as you work on it during the week before your presentation in class. I will download and grade the Google Slide presentation just after you present on Feb 20 or Feb 22.

Presentation Schedule: