CAVEAT: Always check your instructor's site (Blackboard, wiki, etc) for details on due dates and assignment requirements. These reminders are here to help, but may not be completely current/accurate despite Professor Crocker's best efforts!

Learning Community Activities/Assignments

CHEM 141102May_Tues_11:59pmALEKS Objective 11
 02May_Tues_11:59pmALEKS Objective 12 due
 02May_Tues_11:59pmConnect Ch. 10 due
 02May_Tues_11:59pmConnect Ch. 11 due
 02May_Tues_11:59pmConnect: All "How to...", "Entering...", "Drawing...", & "Adding..." due
 02May_Tues_11:59pmLearnSmart 10 due
 02May_Tues_11:59pmLearnSmart 11 due
BIOL 1406--Mastering Biology: Check Blackboard for most current due dates
ENGL 1302--Calendar of Assignments in Composition