Learning Community Points for Triad/Dyad AP

Earn 10 points by the End of the Semester:
You may pick and choose how you earn the points, as long as you have attended at least ONE event from EACH category between September 11th and December 6th (the last day of Seminar), and that you earn a minimum of 10 points total. You will document your experiences with photos and reflections utilizing the Journal feature of Blackboard.

Category 1: LC Events: 2 points per event
Prof. Crocker will be planning and/or attending all of these events, and the entire LC team will be invited, too!

Category 2: LC Contact/Office Hours: 1 point per visit (max. 3 points per person visited)
Click on the link for contact/hours information for our LC team: Contact Info - AP-F17

  • Seminar - Prof. Vanessa Crocker
  • A&P - Dr. Christine Gerin
  • Composition - Ms. Marnie Cannon (Triad only)
  • Peer Mentor Gabby (Dyad only)
  • Peer Mentor - Alex (Triad only)
  • Advisor Mr. Ramos
  • Advisor - Ms. DuBose
  • SI Hayden Lynch
  • Complete the End of Course Evaluation - Fall 2017 for Anatomy & Physiology - take a screenshot of the submission screen as evidence
  • Complete the End of Course Evaluation - Fall 2017 for Seminar - take a screenshot of the submission screen as evidence
  • All student awarded 1 LC Point for spending time with their own communities (family & friends) over Thanksgiving week - no evidence needed

Category 3: TAMU-CC Event: 0.5 points per event

  • Any TAMU-CC sponsored event
  • Any TAMU-CC club meeting (max. 1 point earned for each club type)

EXTRA LC Points!

  • Any points you earn above and beyond the 10 required are rolled into your Bonus points for Seminar

Documenting Your Points
Instructions for documenting your points are located on Blackboard.

  • Navigate to the Seminar Blackboard course
  • Click on "Journals" on the left side bar
  • Click on the blue link for "Learning Community Points" - The full directions for the documentation of points is located on that next screen
  • You will have to click on "Create Journal Entry" when you have read the directions completely and are ready to post