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Theme: Systemic Challenges

Research Discovery - What are you Curious about?:

Rather than gravitating towards a general topic, try to think of a specific question your team wants to answer. Starting from a small scale and moving outwards from there will help to keep your research and presentation focused and meaningful. Your research for the Integrated Assignment should be current, significant, and have a specific base within the Anatomy & Physiology field.

Research Article for Presentation:

Your article must be a peer-reviewed article from a scientific journal. For any additional resource, please use a critical eye to ensure their authenticity, credibility, and validity.

Presentation Details & Submission:

Article Presentation/Slide Outline:
In an effort to keep your presentation stream-lined, on topic, and within time limitations (5-7 min), please adhere to the following criteria and include no more than 8 slides.

1. Title slide

a. Introduce yourselves and your topic; include team name

2. The Hook

a. What caught your attention? What questions did you immediately have to lead you to discovering more?

3. The Anatomical & Physiological Background

a. What general information does your audience need to understand about the broad topic?
b. Introduce the baseline anatomical/physiological knowledge needed to understand the underlying mechanisms of your main questions

4. The Research Article

a. Explain the purpose of the article
b. Briefly cover the methods utilize
c. Highlight the results of the article, and whether they supported your initial assumptions

5. Future Directions of the Team's Research

a. In reading your article, what questions were left unanswered?
b. What are you inspired to investigate in order to further deepen your own understanding?

6. References

a. APA style should be used for full citation format


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