TEAMS/GROUPS - Integrated Assignment across Seminar, Bio, Chem, & Comp (if applicable) -
11AM (Sec 732); 12PM (Sec 730)

BIO/CHEM Seminar

Overall Grade Breakdown

Seminar Assignments20%
Integrated Assignments30%

Individual Assignments: Grade Breakdown

Attendance & ParticipationSeminar Attendance/Participation25%Grade assigned daily
 Group Conferences2.5%Week 6, by appointment
 Advising Conferences2.5%Week 12, by appointment
PortfoliosMid-Term - Sec 730 or

Mid-Term - Sec 732
10%Sec 730: 01Mar_Wed_8:00pm - Seminar (professional development) components of Mid-Term Portfolio due

Sec 730: 03Mar_Fri_11:59pm - Composition components of Mid-Term Portfolio due

Sec 732: Due 01Mar_Wed_8:00pm
 Final - Sec 730 or

Final - Sec 732

*All Final Portfolios Include Service Commitment*
10%Sec 730: 03May_Wed_8:00pm - Seminar components of Final Portfolio due

Sec 732: 03May_Wed_8:00pm - Final Portfolio due
Seminar AssignmentsBlackboard Check1%23Jan_Mon_8:00am
 Introductions Presentation/PPT2%25Jan_Wed_8:00am
 Article Presentation/PPT8%27Feb_Mon_8:00am
 Proposal6%Draft: 06Mar_Mon_8:00pm

Final: 22Mar_Wed_8:00pm
Integrated AssignmentsHomework Login Check4%30Jan_Mon_8:00am
 ALEKS Benchmark A4%01Feb_Wed_8:00pm
 ALEKS Benchmark B2%20Feb_Mon_8:00pm
 ALEKS Benchmark C2%27Feb_Mon_8:00pm
 Mastering Biology Benchmark A4%06Feb_Mon_8:00pm
 Mastering Biology Benchmark B2%01Mar_Wed_8:00pm
 Mastering Biology Benchmark C2%20Mar_Mon_8:00pm
 Final Research Presentation13%Varies by Team

FEEDBACK: Individual Assignments

Attendance & ParticipationSeminar Attendance/Participation - Feedback?
 Group Conferences - Feedback?
 Advising Conferences - Feedback?
PortfoliosMid-Term - Sec 730 - Feedback? or

Mid-Term - Sec 732 - Feedback?
 Final - Sec 730 - Feedback? or

Final - Sec 732 - Feedback?
Seminar AssignmentsBlackboard Check - Feedback
 Introductions Presentation/PPT - Feedback
 Article Presentation/PPT - Feedback?
 Proposal - Feedback?
Integrated AssignmentsHomework Login Check - Feedback?
 ALEKS Benchmark A - Feedback?
 ALEKS Benchmark B - Feedback?
 ALEKS Benchmark C - Feedback?
 Mastering Biology Benchmark A - Feedback
 Mastering Biology Benchmark B - Feedback?
 Mastering Biology Benchmark C - Feedback?
 Final Research Presentation - Feedback?