Peer Mentor mtg - 9/19:

  • Alex
    • Do you feel comfortable facilitating a discussion on asking students to share specifics ways in which they are preparing for their exams?

Peer Mentor mtg - 9/12:

  • Discuss use of Starfish
  • Timeliness of materials/preparations - Friday 8:00am week before
    • Handout copies (does CASA make copies for us?)
  • Time in Class (make sure not to go too long, watch the clock)
  • Encouraged to sit in different places every time
  • Discuss plans for remainder of semester


  • Not time for Pre-Nursing visit
  • Self-care Activities - our plan?

Students to Discuss:

  • Vanessa Martinez
  • Ailem Kelly
  • Angie Sanchez

Peer Mentor mtg - 9/5:

  • Blackboard access?
  • Meeting with Vanessa, Gabby & Alex - Tuesdays at 11am (every week, or every other?)
  • Attend Seminar for Peer Mentor introductions (15-20 min), with icebreaker on M 9/11
    • Email any materials (PPT, etc) you would like to show to the class
  • Seminar Attendance for remainder of semester
    • Any of the activities you would like to do with the students
  • Available hours
  • Office hours/location
  • Goals for the semester
  • Connecting to the community - possibly come up with an event/activity outside of class for students to participate in with us