Assignment Description:

  • Write a Memo to your COMM 1311 instructor in APA format
  • The Memo should include the following:
    • A brief description of the Case Study assigned to you and how Case Studies are used in the field of Nursing
    • How the Case Study relates to material you have learned or will learn in Anatomy & Physiology
    • The questions or topics you encountered or thought of that you would like to research further to help develop your Informative Speech in COMM 1311
    • A citation of the Case Study in APA format, along with the hyperlink to the study - Google is your friend here! Just type in "case study" AND also the title of your case study into Google, and the case study should show up near the type of the search results. If you have trouble, just let me know and I'll help you out.



  • Due on Blackboard by 10:00am on January 25th
  • In the Seminar Blackboard course, click on "Content" (left sidebar), "Assignments" folder, and "Integrated Assignment" folder. Click on the "Memo - Triad" assignment.
  • Use Microsoft Word to write your Annotated Bibliography, and submit to Blackboard (.doc or .docx file)