Mid-Term Portfolio: Team Dynamics

The Mid-Term Portfolio is a collection of documents relating to your team dynamics during the first part of the semester. Your portfolio is an individual assignment, though one document will be created by the team.

1. Team Work Survey (individual assignment)

2. Team Presentation Evaluation (individual assignment)

  • Write a 500-word evaluation of your team's Article Presentation performance
  • Strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures, during the presentation or behind the scenes
  • You must incorporate the feedback provided by your peers and Prof. Crocker into your assessment (posted on the Seminar Blackboard)
    • Inside the Seminar Blackboard course, click on "Teams - Research Discovery" on the left sidebar
    • Click on your team link, and you will find the Peer and Professor feedback documents under "File Exchange"
  • If taking Comm, please apply some of the terminology and theory you have learned to your analysis

3. Team Agreement (group assignment)

  • Prepare a finalized, signed, formal contract from the Team Agreement you began in Seminar
    • Include your agenda from the team conference as an addendum to the agreement (copy-paste at the end of the agreement)
  • This document is the only one that will be shared among team members

Submission: - Tuesday, February 28th @ 8:00AM

These documents will be submitted as assignments through the Seminar Blackboard course (located in the "Content" folder).