Minimum Requirements for the Mock-Up

1. Poster layout slide

  • Click here to view a sample and help you get started on creating your slide. Do NOT simply copy-paste into your PPT. You must take the time to modify the slide to make it a true representation of your own poster design (Retrieved from

2. One sample for each type of text type (font & size)

  • Title
  • Author
  • Section headings
  • Body text
  • Captions or descriptions

3. A sample of your color scheme

4. One sample of your figures (to scale) with caption and citation

Key Logistics:

  • For your reference, click here to see the Poster Presentation guidelines from the Writing Center
  • Keep in mind that this is a minimum standard. If you want to present a more complete product, I encourage you to do so.
  • The mock-up must be done on your tri-fold poster
  • Please DO NOT paste/tape anything to your poster board yet! Use the sticky tack provided so that you may easily make modifications after you receive feedback.

APA Style

  • Do not allow yourself to violate the Honor Code by plagiarizing
  • You are presenting in a public forum, so it especially important to be detail-oriented and format your citations correctly according to APA formatting guidelines.