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Time Management Check - The next 2-3 weeks

11/2511:59pmSeminar - Online Assignment due
11/2211:59pmConnect LS 10 due
11/2211:59pmALEKS Topic 11 due
11/30VariesSymposium in the UC Anchor Ballroom
12/111:59pmALEKS Topic 12 due
12/211:59pmConnect LS 11 due

thru Dec 10th

CASA - Science
CASA - Engineering
SI Sessions - Are you going? You should be!!

Vanessa's Reminders?

Class Plans:

We will not physically meet for class today. Instead, we will be doing an online assignment in its place. Composition with Mr. Martinez and Ms. Cannon will also be cancelled but replaced with their own online assignment (check with them for details). If you have any other classes that normally meet on Mondays, make sure to directly communicate with those professors for how they will handle class on November 21st.

Online Assignment (for November 21st missed class period) - Due Friday November 25th @ 11:59pm, or anytime sooner

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