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Time Management Check - The next 2 weeks

10/101:00-4:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours - CS 130A
10/1011:59pmALEKS Topic 6 due
10/1111:00am-12:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours - CS 130A
10/1111:59pmExam 2 Review PPT slides due
10/12In-ClassExam 2 Review Session
10/121:00-4:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours - CS 130A
10/139:30amChemistry Exam 2
10/1311:00am-12:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours - CS 130A
10/1611:59pmConnect LS 3 due
10/17?Spring 2017 - Class Schedule Released
10/19SeminarMeet at the Writing Center (CASA)
10/1911:59pmALEKS Topic 7 due
10/2311:59pmAnnotated Bibliography due
10/2311:59pmConnect - Ent Chem Equations due
10/2311:59pmConnect - Ch. 3 due
10/2311:59pmConnect LS 4 due
10/2311:59pmALEKS Topic 8 due
10/3011:59pmConnect - Ch. 4 due

CASA - Science
CASA - Engineering
SI Sessions - Are you going? You should be!!

Vanessa's Reminders?

Class Plans:

Regarding the Annotated Bibliography

Survey about your Teamwork

Revisiting the Team Charter

  • What have been your strengths, your weaknesses?
  • What changes do you need to make to your team charter to improve the quality of the products your team is creating?
  • Let's make sure everyone has signed it!

Refine your team Symposium Topic

  • Questions?

Teamwork: Exam 2 Review Session on Wednesday, October 12th (see sidebar, Assignment & Grades, for complete info)

1. Content

  • What material do you think is the most difficult to understand, and how would you plan teach it so that someone will understand?
  • How do you structure the material
  • Time considerations!!!

2. Slides

  • Order
  • Design
  • Wording
  • Figures and illustrations
  • Examples
  • Memory devices
  • Be creative!
  • Time considerations!!!

3. Presentation delivery

  • Who is your audience? How will you literally engage them in the material?
  • Who will speak?
  • Tips - gestures, energetic, clear voice, eye contact, not reading off the slides, etc.
  • Time considerations!!!

4. Designating roles & responsibilities

  • Remember, your presentation should clearly come across as a group effort, not something that was literally thrown together by distinct individuals.

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