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Time Management Check - The next 2 weeks

10/17?Spring 2017 - Class Schedule Released
10/171:00-4:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours
10/1811:00am-12:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours
10/19SeminarMeet at the Writing Center (CASA)
10/191:00-4:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours
10/1911:59pmALEKS Topic 7 due
10/2011:00am-12:00pmDr. Owens' Office Hours
10/2311:59pmAnnotated Bibliography due
10/2311:59pmConnect - Ent Chem Equations due
10/2311:59pmConnect - Ch. 3 due
10/2311:59pmConnect LS 4 due
10/2311:59pmALEKS Topic 8 due
10/3011:59pmConnect - Ch. 4 due
11/211:59pmALEKS Topic 9 due
11/411:59pmConnect LS 5 due
11/611:59pmConnect - Ch. 5 due

CASA - Science
CASA - Engineering
SI Sessions - Are you going? You should be!!

Vanessa's Reminders

Class Plans:

Feedback & Grades have been posted for the Research Log

  • Changes to the Annotated Bib

Grades have been posted for the Exam 2 Review

  • No more! (unless you didn't do the Exam 1 Review)
  • Changes to schedule to accommodate Conferences
  • Check out changes to Grade Spreadsheet (see left sidebar - Assignments & Grades)

Conference Sign-Up

1pm Class Only: Finish review session

I have added a new link, Advising Info, to the sidebar

Reflection on Mid-Semester

Teamwork: Symposium

  • Research Log Issues - Improvements for the Annotated Bibliography
  • Make an outline of the info you plan to cover in your Poster/Presentation
    • Proposed Title of you poster/presentation
    • Thesis statement for your Poster/Presentation (what do you want your audience to leave knowing more about?)
    • The specific areas of discussion on which you will be focusing
    • Which sources will you be relying on the most? What information from those sources will you incorporate into your poster/presentation?
  • Outline due at the end of class (on OneDrive in your Seminar_Team folder)

On Wednesday, meet at the WRITING CENTER (inside CASA)!

Links for In-Class

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