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  • 25 Sep - 11:59pm: Team Charter Due
  • I graded the Exam 1 Review session, and will be posting the grades in the next couple of days. Click here to see the overall feedback I've provided for the review. We will discuss as needed in class on Monday.
  • Please note that the sidebar on my wiki page has been updated to provide more convenient access to essential information for Seminar. If you come across a link that has a question mark or is password protected, that means I have not yet finished completing my thoughts for that particular item. We will also be discussing some of these details in class on Monday so that we're all on the same page.
  • If you are writing your reflections on your laptop, please make sure you are uploading your reflections to your OneDrive Seminar folder. Reflections are counted as part of your Participation grade.

Vanessa's Reminders

Class Plans:

Advising Visit with Ms. Lori Shearan

Regarding Exam 1 - How Did it Go?

  • Reevaluate your time management - what actions can you take to increase your study time, or increase the quality of your study time?
  • Visit Dr. Owens during his office hours; Check your exam and see what you got wrong
  • Go to tutoring NOW to learn the material from Exam 1; Chemistry is like learning a foreign language, and if you don't get the basics down you can't move forward successfully
  • On the next exam, write down your work, or a brief explanation why you chose the answer you did. When you go back to Dr. Owens' office to review your exam for the final, these notes will help you!

Regarding Seminar Grades & Due Dates

Team Charter

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