In most cases, your exam results across your courses could have fallen into one of the following categories:

1. You got the grades you hoped for
2. You did "alright", but not as well as you'd hoped for
3. You did much worse than you expected

As a group, imagine that you are leading a Seminar in how to Bounce Back from the First Round of Exams. Develop a plan of attack that you would offer students in each of the 3 position listed above. Here are some questions you can answer to help you get started.

  • What helped the most in achieving your goals?
  • What will you do to maintain your motivation?
  • What study strategies will you pursue to keep your grades up?
  • What do you think went wrong?
  • What is your plan for improvement?
  • Who can you reach out to for help?
  • What resources have been proven to work so far?