Professional Development counts for a total of 15% of your final Seminar grade.

1. Resume (5%)

  • Rough Draft due end of class April 11th (or by 8:00pm) - Submit on Blackboard
  • Final Draft due 8:00am on April 18th - Submit on Blackboard

2. Group Mock Interview (10%)

  • April 13th - Seminar Attendance/Participation in preparation
  • April 18th - Group Mock Interview Attendance/Participation (see below for more details)
  • Completed feedback sheet (completed in class on April 20th)
  • Completed thank you card (completed in class on April 20th)

Group Mock Interview Session

Event Logistics:
Please arrive on time (5 minutes early) and prepared!

Date/Time: April 18th during Seminar class time
Location: University Center (UC) Dolphin 306
Attire: Casual dress for professional environment (Guidance on casual dress)

Lead Interviewers:

  • Health System HR Representative
  • TAMU-CC Nursing Faculty
  • Career Services Representative

Additional Information:
Click here for Session Preparations & Expectations
Click here for Interview Questions
Click here for Student Evaluation Sheet (filled out by Lead Interviewer)