The Purpose of the Proposal:

To ensure that your team:

  • Has conducted sufficient preliminary reading/research on your topic
  • Has thought about the issues involved
  • Is able to provide more than a broad description of the topic

Expectations for your Research Proposal
(Remember, the grade for your Final Proposal counts for 5% of your final grade in A&P II)

1) Title Page (1 page)

2) Abstract (150 word-limit) - Follows format for submission to First-Year Research Conference
The abstract is a summary that allows the reader to assess basic premise of your topic. As a whole, it should provide a brief description of the goals of your research and the background for why the questions your are proposing are significant/meaningful for this field.

  • The abstract must include credible references and/or evidence of primary research
  • In-text citation style is APA
  • 150 word-limit
    • In-text citations do not count in word count

3) Literature Review (2 pages minimum)

  • Explanation of the applicable anatomy & physiology principles (for your reader to understand the underlying mechanisms of the issue)
  • Overview of the historical scientific contributions
  • Describe the most recent, directly relevant research studies that pertain to your major question(s)
  • Specify the major gaps in knowledge remaining and the future direction of research
  • Make use of relevant figures (to be included following the Literature Review section, not embedded within)

4) Figures (3 figure minimum)

5) References (no page minimum)

  • Your references must include, at a minimum, five peer-reviewed sources


Formatting Guidance from Purdue Owl:

Formatting Guidance from TAMU-CC Writing Center:

Writing Style Tips for your Proposal


  • Your Final Proposal must be submitted on Blackboard by 8:00pm on March 23rd (Thursday) - only one submission required per team.
    • You may provide a "shareable" hyperlink to a Google document as opposed to downloading/uploading directly to Blackboard - this will help avoid translation problems between Google, Word, and Blackboard

Submission Details - Proposal Rough Draft

First-Year Research Conference Submission (Optional)- Additional Requirements:

  • 50-word conference program description of your presentation
  • Names, emails, and cell numbers of all presenters, presentation titles (for proposals involving more than one person), English/Seminar faculty (whoever teaches the class where your project was assigned)
  • Equipment needs. All rooms will have a projector + computer with internet. Let us know if you need something in addition to that.
  • Your schedule: the hours you will be available to present on Thursday April 27th
  • Your proposal and presentation must be accessible to a college-educated but interdisciplinary group, and should inform the readers about the key points/claims to be made during the presentation.