Think of this as a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of your poster

1. Your first slide will show both the title and purpose of the poster presentation.

  • Please briefly summarize the content you plan to present in your poster.

2. Your second slide will show the layout of your poster, complete with title, authors, content headings, and other important details

  • Click here to view a sample and help you get started on creating your slide. Do NOT simply copy-paste into your PPT. You must take the time to modify the slide to make it a true representation of your own poster design (Retrieved from

3. Display all of your the figures/diagrams/pictures you intend to use on your poster.

  • Each figure should be displayed on its' own slide, including caption and citation.
  • Explain the purpose for using each figure

4. At the end, include 2 additional slides:

A. One slide that clearly indicates how your team will handle the verbal presentation of your research
  • What will we say to our audience?
  • Who will say it?
  • Will we practice and critique each other?
B. One slide that presents your "Plan of Attack"
  • Identify the work that still needs to be done to complete all requirements for Compinars on Nov. 14/16th and Symposium on Nov. 30th
  • Create a timeline of when these benchmarks need to be met (don't forget about working around Thanksgiving break!)
  • Define specific responsibilities for individual and team contributions

Key Logistics:

  • Must be prepared to present at the start of class on Monday, November 7th (no more than 5-7 minutes, please!)
  • Upload your PPT file to your Seminar_Team folder on OneDrive by November 6th at 11:59pm
  • POSTER GUIDELINES: click here to see the Poster Presentation guidelines from the Writing Center
    • Your final poster (the one you present at Symposium) should adhere to the guidelines set forth at the Writing Center
    • Your final poster (the one you present at Symposium) should contain, at a minimum, Title, Authors, & Literature Cited (in APA style)
    • Click here for some additional tips

APA Style

  • Do not allow yourself to violate the Honor Code by plagiarizing
  • You are presenting in a public forum, so it especially important to be detail-oriented and format your citations correctly according to APA formatting guidelines.