Now that we have two group assignments under our belt (the Team Charter and the Exam 2 Review), let's think about how well our teams are working together. It is normal for groups to go through ups and downs, and acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of your team will allow you to adapt and make changes to improve your communication and success going forward. Please give your honest feedback about your team, but remain constructive in any handwritten comments. This survey will give us a starting point for the conversation that your group will continue on Thursday.

Conduct: My teammates are treating each other with respect and integrity.

Roles & Responsibilities: My team benefits from defined roles, such as a leader, editor, coordinator, researcher, presenter, etc. My team clearly defines roles and responsibilities for each assignment. My teammates are accomplishing the work expected of them.

Meetings: My team is spending a sufficient amount of time outside of class to complete assignments. My team works productively and efficiently when together.

Assignments & Due Dates: My team is able to understand and meet the requirements set forth in assignments. My team finishes assignments in a timely manner, allowing time for group review.

Team Goals: My team is achieving the academic goals we set. My team produces quality work that reflects collaboration between all teammates. My teammates are enjoying working together.

Rules & Expectations: I feel that my teammates listen well to one another. I feel that my teammates contribute to completing group assignments. I feel that my teammates contribute to discussions on project direction and management.

I feel that all my teammates are valued equally by each other. I feel that my teammates are responsible and hard-working. I feel that my team can rely on each other for help.

Conflict Resolution: My teammates all get along well with each other. My team has developed effective conflict resolution procedures for disagreements. My teammates have turned in individual work on time. My team has turned in final assignments on time. My team has developed effective conflict resolution procedures for missed missed deadlines. My team has clearly defined "unacceptable" work. My team has developed effective conflict resolution procedures for unacceptable work. My team will attempt to resolve any conflicts that arise. My team would benefit from an outside perspective to solve conflicts.

Team Charter (group contract): My team charter improved our ability to work as a team. The grade my team received for the charter matches our team expectations for the efforts we put in. The grade I received for the charter matches my personal expectations for the efforts I put in.

Exam 2 Review: My team improved their presentation skills. My team put together a quality presentation. My team utilized the different strengths of team members to improve to create a quality product.