Objective: To present a complete rough draft of the poster during Seminar on November 15th.

1. Verbal Presentation

  • Present your research topic to your audience as you intend to do at Symposium
  • 5-7 minutes in length

2. Poster

  • Tri-fold poster is required
  • Posters must be completed prior to attending Seminar, though this is a rough draft
  • Do not paste or tape your material to the poster!! You will more than likely need to make changes after the feedback you recieve.
    • Sticky tack will be provided ahead of time

For your reference, click here to see the Poster Presentation guidelines from the Writing Center

APA Style

  • Do not allow yourself to violate the Honor Code by plagiarizing
  • You are presenting in a public forum, so it especially important to be detail-oriented and format your citations correctly according to APA formatting guidelines.