The Research Log for Symposium is due 10/9 @ 11:59pm

Each team will conduct on-line research relating specifically to their team choice of topic for the First-Year Symposium. The team will collect 3 articles per team member. Each article should be unique and the quality of both the source and content should be emphasized. A citation is required for each article, and should be written in APA style including the hyperlink for each source. For each set of 3 articles, the team will select the "best" article and summarize the content, assess or evaluate the source, and reflect on the source’s possible uses for the proposed team topic.

Your team should attempt to find the "best" information available to strengthen your understanding of your topic. But, what does the "best" article mean? Well, consider your team topic and which specific questions/problems/design aspect you are aiming to tackle. Take time to read the articles you discovered, and ask yourself how well you understood the material, how directly relevant the information was to your team topic, if the content inspires you to learn more about your topic, and if it helped direct your line of inquiry about issues, problems, or questions that engineers/researchers are trying to resolve about your topic.

Key Logistics:

  • The final product will be assessed by overall quality, organization and completion of all requirements for the assignment. One grade will be awarded to the team.
  • The Research Log should be submitted as a single Word document to your Seminar_Team folder by 10/9 @ 11:59pm.
  • APA Style for Electronic Sources (Web Publications)
    • Please ensure that the hyperlinks provided do in fact lead to the article you are citing
  • Confused about how many articles your team must collect and summarize?
    • If your team has 4 members, your team must collect 12 articles and summarize 4 of them; If your team has 5 members, your team must collect 15 articles and summarize 5 of them