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VanessaCrocker: ResearchProposal-Dyad-AP-S18

The Purpose of the Proposal:
Over the last several weeks, your group has been conducting exploratory research and developing an oral presentation about your assigned topic as components of the Integrated Assignment. The final step in this process will be to write a research proposal defining the background and significance of the topic. This proposal may be used to submit to the First-Year Research Conference.

Assignment Description:
1) Title Page (1 page)

2) Abstract (150 word-limit) - Follows format for submission to First-Year Research Conference
The abstract is a summary that allows the reader to assess basic premise of your topic. As a whole, it should provide a brief description of the goals of your research and the background for why the questions your are proposing are significant/meaningful for this field.

  • The abstract must include credible references and/or evidence of primary research
  • In-text citation style is APA
  • 150 word-limit
    • In-text citations do not count in word count

3) References (no page minimum)

APA Formatting Guidelines:

Blackboard Submission:


First-Year Research Conference Submission (Optional)- Additional Requirements:

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