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VanessaCrocker: ResearchProposal-Triad-AP-S18

The Purpose of the Proposal:
For the remainder of the semester, you will be working in a group towards developing and delivering your COMM 1311 group persuasive speech, the Final Assessment of the Integrated Assignment that is shared between COMM 1311, BIOL 2402, and UCCP 1102. Writing a proposal will help each group determine whether to expand off of research topic explored by an individual during the beginning of the semester, or to develop a new topic of their choosing related to the fields of health, nursing, and/or Anatomy & Physiology. This proposal may be used to submit to the First-Year Research Conference.

Assignment Description:
1) Title Page (1 page)

2) Abstract (150 word-limit) - Follows format for submission to First-Year Research Conference
The abstract is a summary that allows the reader to assess basic premise of your topic. As a whole, it should provide a brief description of the goals of your research and the background for why the questions your are proposing are significant/meaningful for this field.

  • The abstract must include credible references and/or evidence of primary research
  • In-text citation style is APA
  • 150 word-limit
    • In-text citations do not count in word count

3) References (no page minimum)

APA Formatting Guidelines:

Blackboard Submission:


First-Year Research Conference Submission (Optional)- Additional Requirements:

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