Assignment: Research Update 1 - Due 21 Sep @ 11:59pm
Take time to read the articles you discovered about your interests. Do you enjoy reading the material? Is some of it over your head and confusing? Does reading about your topics inspire you to learn more? Did you discover any issues, problems, or questions that researchers are trying to resolve about your topics? These are all important questions as you consider which topic you want to propose to your group for the Symposium.

First, narrow down your focus to one topic Then, consider the answers to your questions above, and find 3 more articles that will fine-tune your focus on that one topic

  • These 3 new articles must be peer-reviewed (wait, what does that mean? Click here for clarification)
  • The "easy" way to ensure that your articles are peer-reviewed is to use the databases provided by the TAMU-CC Library that Dr. Kownslar showed you
    • Forgot what those databases are or how to find them? No problem! Click here

Key Logistics: Download PDF versions of the articles and submit to your personal Seminar OneDrive folder by Sep 21 @ 11:59pm. After you complete this assignment, you should have a total of 6 articles on the specific topic you would like to propose to your group for Symposium.