• Prepare a single PPT slide that takes a selfie to the next level
    • Include your full name and preferred nickname as well as a clearly recognizable photo of yourself, and any other pictures you wish
    • Include pictures or captions about your interests, major, career objectives, or anything else which will help us to learn about you
    • Include your personal connection to A&P II or nursing
  • During Seminar on Thursday, January 18th, each one of you will introduce yourselves to the class


  • Due at 10:00am on January 18th, Thursday
    • This assignment counts as a part of your Attendance & Participation grade for 1/18
  • Blackboard Submission Instructions:
    • Click on "Groups" (left sidebar)
    • Click on your "My Seminar Class" group
    • Scroll down and click on "Group Discussion Forum"
    • Click on "Selfie Slide"
    • Click the "Create Thread" button
    • Use the "Browse Computer" button to attach your PPT (or put your Google Slide link in the submission text)
    • Click "Submit"